How to Know if Your Used Car Repair Shop is Good

We are proud to sell only the finest used cars on the market. Each of our used cars goes through a comprehensive inspection before we ever put it on the lot to sell it. Additionally, we offer an extensive warranty program on our used cars that helps our customers to be covered in the event that they need maintenance or service to their used cars.

No matter what kind of used car you are looking to buy, chances are good that you will have to perform some maintenance on the used car at some point in the future.   There are some things that you should look for in order to ensure that the repair shop is up to par.

Here are a few tips for finding a good repair shop for your used car.

1.       Ask whether or not the shop charges a flat service fee or an hourly service fee. Keep in mind that many service requirements may be covered by the warranty and can be performed at no cost in a service department.

2.       Ask what kinds of parts are used in the service department. Do they use new parts, used parts, salvaged parts, or rebuilt parts?

3.        We always recommend that you test another repair shop with a small task, such as replacing a windshield. If you feel confident in the service and solution, then you may feel comfortable using the service shop for future needs.

4.       Make sure that the service writer is able to answer any questions that you have about the service, including the parts and procedures that will be used on your used car.

5.       It’s also okay to ask for customer references and to actually call those customers. Remember: the repair shop that you use may mean the difference between having a well-maintained used car that lasts for years, or having a used car that may break down sooner than expected.

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