How to Make Sure Your Used Cars and Trucks Are Running Smoothly

 How to Make Sure Your Used Cars and Trucks Are Running Smoothly

When it comes to owning a used car or truck, keep in mind that you will have to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. However, even with regular maintenance, there are additional service-related maintenance issues that you may periodically face. After all, cars and trucks are machines and machines require touch-ups from time to time.


Here are some tips for helping you to determine whether or not it’s time to bring your used car or truck in for service, or whether the noises under your hood are normal:


You hear: A clicking in your wheel when you turn.

Chances are good that if you hear a clicking when you turn your wheels, you are not actually hearing a noise in the wheel, but it is, instead, in the axel. When you hear a clicking noise, bring your car in as soon as you can. You may have a cracked axel that needs immediate attention.


You hear: A low purr when you turn on your ignition.

You’re probably okay. An engine should purr when you turn it on. A soft purring is normal. However, a loud roaring is not normal and may indicate that you need to add fluids or have some engine components inspected. Some soft purrs are so quiet, especially on newer model cars, that is can be tough to determine whether or not your car is even on!


You feel: Give when you put pressure on a belt.

Your belts are supposed to give by about half an inch when you put pressure on them. Therefore, a small give is normal and good. However, if your belts give by more than half an inch, then are wearing low and becoming loose. It’s time to bring in your car for an inspection.


You feel: Stickiness when you squeeze tubing.

If you feel any sort of stickiness when you squeeze the tubing and belts in your car, then it’s time to bring the car in for an inspection. You should be able to squeeze the tubing and run your finger along the belts without feeling any stickiness. Stickiness may indicate that the tubes and belts are wearing down.


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