How to Apply Wax in 6 Steps

If you are looking for a way to keep you car looking shiny and protected from the elements, then consider giving your car a fresh wax. Waxing your car not only helps to protect it from sun damage and damage from normal wear and tear, but it also leaves your used car looking amazingly clean!

Applying wax is easy, but it can be time consuming, depending on which application method you choose. Wax can be applied as a paste, cream, or even a liquid. There are also two different types of waxes that you should be aware of before you get started waxing your car: synthetic waxes and natural waxes.

Here are the 6 steps you’ll need to take in order to apply a coating of wax to your car:

1.       When applying the wax to your used car, it is a good idea to use a foam applicator pad (these usually will come with the wax kit). If the applicator gets gunky because of wax build up, switch to a clean applicator.

2.       Apply the wax in a small area. A two-by-four square is ideal for each application.

3.       Use only a small amount of wax on each application. Using too much wax takes too much time to rub in and wastes the wax. Take your time to rub in the small amount of wax really well with each application.

4.       When applying the wax, use a back-and-forth motion. Many people think they are supposed to use a circular motion, which is wrong because it makes swirls appear on the car.

5.       In terms of drying the wax before buffing it off, every wax is different. Therefore, read the instructions that come with your wax kit for guidance on how to buff the wax off. With some wax kits, you need to wait for the wax to dry before buffing it off. With other wax kits, you can buff it off before it dries.

6.       Finally, it is normal for some of the wax to not buff of easily. If this is the case, then use a clean towel, as opposed to the towel you have been using for all parts of the car.

Waxing your car should only take a few hours, but it can make a major difference in the overall look and feel of your car. Plus, a fresh coat of wax will protect your paint for miles to come! Looking for a quality used car in Toronto, Ottawa, Belleville or surrounding areas? Check us out at  we offer great used cars and trucks, vehicle financing available!

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