We Understand Bad Credit

Life comes at you fast, and sometimes not in a good way. The different routes that hazards can come from are virtually infinite. Problems have a nasty way of stacking up, and sometimes as a result your credit can suffer. Unforeseeable medical expenses, fees, bills, tickets and so on can add up to the point where you feel buried. Digging yourself out of this mess is difficult, but it is possible. There are things you can do to save your money, save your credit, and begin rebuilding the life you deserve with just a little bit of knowhow. One of the biggest steps towards rebuilding credit is being consistently on top of your bills. A bill that almost everyone has is that of a car payment, and being consistent with this can be a huge asset to your credit score.

When you get out there and buy a used car in Scarborough you are doing a few things. You save your money, save your credit, and provide for your transportation needs. You save money because buying a used car is a great choice. There are many used cars that are in absolutely fantastic condition, and because they’re used you do not have to pay the full price for them. The moment they’re driven off the lot they lose a lot of value, and you then reap the rewards of having a lower payment, because you purchased it used. You save your credit because used cars are simply less expensive. You have a payment that is affordable, and it all goes towards owning a car that is of the highest quality.

If you are wondering where to start down the path where you save your money, save your credit, and start rebuilding your finances, do not fear, we offer bad credit car loans in Scarborough. There are many websites online where you can find reviews on great local businesses that offer quality cars and affordable car loans in Toronto. The moment you purchase your car with a car loan you open the doors to the possibilities that having your own method of transportation gives you.

What You Need To Know About Changing a Flat

Part of owning a vehicle is knowing how to repair and maintain certain aspects of that vehicle.  Things like knowing how to change the oil, knowing how to swap out old wiper blades and knowing how to change a flat tire are three things every car owner should know how to do.


To change a flat tire, the first step you want to take is to do the very best you can to get you car or truck away from traffic.  Once you are safely away from traffic, turn on your emergency lights and, if you have them, put out a road flare or a hazard sign.  Engage the parking brake if it’s a flat rear tire: this will keep it from turning once the car is lifted.  Once you have created a zone where you can safely work, you will find your jack and tire iron either in the trunk of your car or somewhere in a panel in the rear of the vehicle.


Most tires will have a plastic cap covering the lug nuts which secure the wheel to the car.  Use the filed end of the tire iron to pop the cap off.  Use the wrench side of the iron to loosen each of the lug nuts.  Don’t remove them, just loosen them.


Now take the jack and slide it under the vehicle and find a hard-point or a part of the frame where the weight of the vehicle can rest.  Slide the tire iron into the crank of the jack and start to expand the jack.  Check beneath the car to make sure the location of where you placed the jack can handle the vehicle’s weight.  Confident the spot is strong enough, lift the car until the tire is free from the road.


Remove the lug nut, slide the wheel from the threaded bolts and replace it with the spare tire.  Replace the lug nuts and tighten.  Lower the car back down.  Check the lug nuts one last time to make sure they are tight and replace the cap.


Now that you know how to change a flat tire, you’re not done yet.  Take the car to a mechanic who can inspect your handiwork to make sure your car is safe to drive, and then pat yourself on the back now that you know how to change a flat tire!


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