Checking Your Budget

Most people finance their car buying purchases, and are therefore required to make monthly car payments.  If you’re looking to buy a new or used car there are several items to consider so that you can start budgeting for car loan payments.  For starters, financing costs and interest rates need to be researched.  If you’re planning on making a down payment or if you have a trade-in, it might improve your car buying budget.  Other debts that you currently have also need to be considered.  If you take the time to budget before you buy, it can be easy to afford making payments on a new car.

The financing costs associated with a car loan in Scarborough can make the overall purchase price more.  It is important to know ahead of time what financing costs might be so you can start budgeting for car loan payments appropriately.  In addition to financing costs, it’s necessary to know the current interest rate that you can close your loan at.  This will largely determine how much money you spend each month on your new car.  Financing costs along with interest rates may be expenses that you didn’t take into consideration before, so it’s important to think about them before settling down on your dream car.

Having a down payment can help reduce the amount of money that you will have to borrow.  This can significantly reduce your monthly car payments, so it is recommended to come to the table with some money.  If you don’t have cash on hand for a down payment, most dealerships will take a trade in vehicle instead.  They can apply the amount that you would have sold the vehicle to them to the sales price of your vehicle.

Something to also take into consideration is the other debts that you might have.  Make sure that you don’t select a vehicle that would prohibit you from paying other debts.  If you take time to plan, you can start budgeting for car loan payments early on.

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Getting Approved For A Car Loan Despite Bankruptcy

If you have filed bankruptcy, you may think there is no hope of you ever getting a car loan in Toronto. But there is help if you need it.  Car loans after bankruptcy are not impossible to get and we can help you get into a car even if you have bad credit or have filed bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy is a way to help you get out from a financial situation that you can no longer handle.  But how can you rebuild your credit?  Do you really have to wait 7 to 10 years before you can get financed for anything?  Not at all.  A bankruptcy will stay on your credit for 7 to 10 years but it does not mean you can’t take out a car loan in Scarborough from a lender or company that is willing to help you.  They will take a look at your credit history and even though you may have filed bankruptcy, you can still get approved.


If you need a car, they will help you figure out the best way to finance the car and not get overwhelmed with big payments.  Afterall, big payments and too many of them is probably what made you file bankruptcy in the first place.  Car loans in Toronto after bankruptcy are not impossible to get. We can help and are willing to work with you to get you a loan you can afford and get you into a car you love.