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When it comes to buying a new car, a lot of people are afraid that their credit may get in the way of them getting the car that they truly desire. This is understandable. Some places are hard on people with poor credit histories, but there are also many places that will help you get car loans in Kanata regardless of past issues.

Talk to your friends to find out where they have gone in the past to get car loans for both new and used cars. This is a great way to find places that are friendly and will cater directly to your needs. You can also take your search to the internet, where there is a vast amount of information just waiting to be found. Try typing in a keyword like ‘car loans’ and see what pops up!

Kanata is a large suburban community in the western part of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Kanata has a population of 100,200 and is growing rapidly. Before it was amalgamated into Ottawa in 2000, Kanata was one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and the fastest growing community in Southern Ontario. It is located just to the west of the Greenbelt and is one of the largest of several communities that surround central Ottawa. It is a planned community and an important hi-tech centre.

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The area that is today Kanata was originally part of the Township of March, and was first settled by Europeans in the early nineteenth century. One site dating from this era is Pinhey's Point. It remained mainly agricultural until the 1960s when it became the site of heavy development. Modern Kanata is largely the creation of Bill Teron, a developer and urban planner who purchased over 3,000 acres (12 km2) of rural land and set about building a model community. Unlike other suburbs, Kanata was designed to have a mix of densities and commercial and residential properties.

It contained large amounts of open space, and was to be surrounded by a greenbelt. A reflection of the garden city movement, the area was divided into a series of communities, each of which was intended to have their own commercial centres and unique cultures. These include Beaverbrook, Glen Cairn, Bridlewood, Katimavik, Hazeldean, Morgan's Grant, and Kanata Lakes.

The community grew rapidly. The Province of Ontario incorporated Kanata as a city in 1978 out of the Township of March, and portions of the Township of Goulbourn and the Township of Nepean (subsequently the City of Nepean). It remained a city until 2001, when the province created a new (amalgamated) City of Ottawa that included the City of Kanata (pop. 59,700). As of the 2006 census, the population of Kanata had increased to 85,000, and is now estimated to be just over 90,000.

The city became an important hi-tech centre. DEC was one of the pioneer technology companies in Kanata. The DEC campus has been successively Digital, Compaq, and is now HP. Kanata remains home to many of the major hi-tech employers of Ottawa, such as Mitel, March Networks, Alcatel-Lucent, Dell Canada, HP, Smart Technologies, Norpak, Nortel, MDS Nordion, Breconridge, AMCC, and Cisco Systems, Inc.. The hi-tech industry is clustered along March Road, in the Kanata North Business Park and Kanata Research Park, and along Eagleson Road, in the Kanata South Business Park. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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