We Can Help you Save Money Buying Your Used Car

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We Can Help you Save Money Buying Your Used Car

Auto Financing Advice in Ottawa

No matter who you are or what your income level is, saving money is important to everyone. For that reason, we are dedicated to helping each of our customers save money off of the purchase of their cars and over the long term period that they own their cars. If you are in the market, you already know that buying a used car can save you a significant amount of money over a large truck or SUV . However, there are some additional advantages of buying a used car in Ottawa that we want to make sure you are aware of before you make your final used car, truck or SUV buying decision. Here's an overview of some of those advantages:

Lower cost of ownership

When you buy a used car in Ontario, you will significantly reduce the cost of ownership in many cases. The cost of ownership not only entails any loan repayments, but it may also include the cost of gas. Additionally, insurance rates are often less with used cars. Furthermore, in many cases, the cost to repair and maintain used cars is less expensive as well, reducing the overall cost of ownership in many important ways!

Low interest rate

Canada Motor Car works hard to provide a broad range of financing opportunities to each of our customers- no matter what types of vehicles they are buying. Our used car customers can save a significant amount of money by taking out a loan from our finance department for the purchase of their used cars. Our loan rates are competitive and are often far lower that other loan sources. Furthermore, we offer car loans in Ottawa for all of our customers - including those customers that need bad credit car loans.


Many of our customers have cars that they no longer plan to use once they buy their new used car. Our trade-in program helps to ensure that our customers can get significant savings off of the cost of their used car when they buy them through us. To get started determining the cost of your trade-in, visit our Web site and click on the Appraisal link. Of course, we will inspect your trade-in to give you an exact value amount.

Contact Canada Motor Car today to learn more about the programs we have in place to help you save money off of the cost of your next used car in Ottawa. We look forward to working with you!

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